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Treatment with stem cells

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Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough in the world of medicine, based on the use of regenerative potential of human stem cell for rehabilitation and treatment of a wide range of complex diseases, including diabetes, cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C, cardiomyopathy, spine and brain injuries, strokes and heart attacks.

While new approaches are being created, cell therapy has already been successfully used in medical centers in Ukraine. Ukraine became the first country in the world which began to use stem cells for treatment of various pathologies, and it is Ukrainian regenerative medicine clinics that are advanced developers of technologies in the field of cell medicine.

Due to innovative technologies of regenerative medicine it is possible to restore damaged tissues and eliminate serious diseases, including chronic systemic and autoimmune pathologies. In recent times specialists learned to grow skin, retina, blood, myocardium, pancreas, intestines and nerve cells from stem cells. At the same time, the risks of malignant tumors were significantly reduced. Regenerative medicine in Ukraine attracts more and more clients from different countries all over the world. The reason is favorable ratio of high quality and competitive affordable price.

What can be treated in Ukraine with the help of stem cells? Where can patients get such treatment? How effective is stem cell therapy? What diseases can be treated with cell therapy?


price level
in Spain

starting from $ 18 000

in Ukraine

starting from $ 8 000

in Turkey

starting from $ 12 000

Korea and Malaysia

starting from 21 000


Treatment with stem cells

The older is a person, the fewer stem cells remain in his or her body. For this reason, skin health and appearance significantly deteriorates in old age (the amount of cell keratin, which is responsible for the strength and elasticity of dermis, decreases), and human body has no more sufficient resources for renewal of affected tissues and fight against pathological processes. Replenishment of stem cells can correct such situation. Stem cell therapy is an innovation that modern medicine is now able to provide.

Stem cell rejuvenation slows down aging by 5-10 years. Unlike other methods of rejuvenation, regenerative therapy has no contraindications and demonstrates effectiveness for each patient.

Treatment with stem cells

Currently the only alternative treatment for liver cirrhosis is liver transplantation, which has numerous risks and limitations.

Treatment of cirrhosis with stem cells is a very promising technique, which has already been successfully used in many countries, including Ukraine. This technique is an effective alternative to liver transplantation.

For its performance, stem cells are taken from the patient’s body. Cellular material is taken from the bone marrow and transplanted into the liver. Treatment of cirrhosis with stem cells provides restoration of the affected organ tissues.

Treatment with stem cells

Traditional medical treatment methods are aimed at eliminating the symptoms of diabetes and at maintaining a stable body state. Patients with such diagnosis have to lead a certain lifestyle, following a constant diet, but even with its strict observance exacerbation is not excluded. A breakthrough in the approach to diabetes treatment is regenerative medicine. With the help of stem cells, it is possible to normalize the work of pancreas and promote metabolism. A course of treatment with stem cells improves functioning of pancreas, normalizes functioning of endocrine system, strengthens immune system, normalizes blood sugar level and body metabolism.

Treatment with stem cells

The main concomitant cause of development of multiple sclerosis are viral diseases a patient had earlier (such as rubella, hepatitis, mumps, measles and other diseases of viral etiology). After their entry into the body, the viruses settle in cells and live in the body for years, gradually influencing functioning of cells and myelin. As a result, the immune system gradually destroys the nervous system, which has no abilities to renew and regenerate itself.

Nowadays the only effective method of treatment of multiple sclerosis is transplantation of stem cell that replenish the affected areas and stops destruction of nerve cells. Along with this, inflammation is reduced, as well as the aggressiveness of destructive actions of the patient’s immune system against his or her own body.

Treatment with stem cells

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) can be treated at any age, and awareness of this fact is increasing. More and more men are looking for help, and due to the fact that treatment has become more effective and successful they can return to normal sexual life.

Today one of the most effective methods of erectile dysfunction treatment is stem cells transplantation. Stem cells therapy is aimed at strengthening and repairing damaged vessels, in which commissures were formed, with the help of autologous cells that replace the cells in damaged tissues with the new ones and precipitate their differentiation. Stem cells also favorably affect nervous and endocrine systems, which in turn normalizes production of hormones in the patient’s body.


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