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Германия, Берлин
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David Schmidt
Stayed there for surgery in Dec 2003 and enjoyed the stay despite the circumstances very much. They understand it very well to treat patients in a way they get over treatments and pains. Felt like staying in a hotel.


Dr.Anurag Verma
gr8 view


russ iste
Run away! This is my experience. They will consider you as a cash machine, propose a lot of tests, Treatments, send you to one other doctor and to a Labor for blood test. They will propose a check up. And then they will probably propose an operation. I had Diagnose that were severily questioned by other doctors, and they are really like "lets operate next week". During the tests and consultations, they will treat you sometimes in 10 min, for the check for example they do half of what they describe on their site. Sometimes I saw doctors there that did not even examined me, just more than 80 eur to fix another appointment. Also the Service is not good, you will systematically have to wait 1 hour to see a doctor 5 min, that considers you as a cash machine. I dont recommend this clinic that becam too much of a Business and not enough of an hospital


Mike Zaremski
37 reviews 5.0 star rating 9/21/2017 Hands down best medical visit I've experienced. Might be the best overall customer service experience as well. I became ill while traveling in Berlin from the USA. I called and made a same day appointment. From the receptionists' to the doctor herself; everyone was extremely friendly and sincerely caring. The doctor was extremely thorough and we sat face to face at her desk to discuss my illness and for her to take notes before moving to the table to perform some medical procedures. I would love for the USA to adopt this type of service experience. Thank you so much!


DanyDany DanyDany
If I could I gave 0 stars. The worst place I have ever visited. They think they are Gods, especially the old man- Vogel. He will send you to another world without hesitation. This man has no empathy. The worst doctor I have ever met. Only money counts there. You pay twice comparing to what you even pay in the USA. My friends were right- this is a toy in reach people's hands. Nightmare, I will never come back to this place


Barbes Rocherchouart
Super fancy medical centre. Expect to pay a fortune if you don't have any insurance. The staff all spoke good English and everything was clean and modern.


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